6 This Disease Can be Treated Using Marijuana

Here are some diseases that can be treated by Medical Cannabis. Many researchers are already using marijuana in the treatment of some serious diseases, as reported by the Daily Health Post:

1.    Brain disease

One of the diseases that use marijuana in its treatment is a disease related to the brain. A study found that THC substances contained in cannabis can protect the brain from aggressive brain nerve deaths. This was discovered by researchers after doing research on rats.

These results suggest that cannabis can also be used in the treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others that are associated with brain cell damage and impairment of a person’s cognitive abilities. In addition, cannabinoids contained in THC can also reduce the risk of a person’s cognitive decline when they become older.

2.    Brain tumor

Cannabis is also suspected to be used in the treatment of tumors in the brain. A study in The British Journal of Cancer found that THC present in cannabis can prevent the growth of cancerous brain tumors. Researchers in the study also found ways to use marijuana without causing psychoactive effects in patients.

Another article reveals that marijuana without psychoactive effects can also inhibit the growth of glioma cells. Glioma cells are cancer cells that form in the brain and spine. This study shows that cannabidiol or CBD in marijuana can prevent the growth of glioma cells in the brain.

3.    Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most deadly type of cancer in women after lung cancer. A study revealed that cannabidiol (CBD) in marijuana is known to reduce the spread of breast cancer cells and shrink the cancer. These results were published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment in 2001.

Researchers do not make patients smoke marijuana, but they use non-toxic substances in marijuana to prevent the spread of breast cancer cells. However, further research is needed to determine the overall effects of marijuana on breast cancer treatment.

4.    Lung cancer

With more smokers, lung cancer is expected to be ranked first as a female killer and second only to pancreatic cancer for men. But cancer-related research reveals that THC substances in cannabis can help treat lung cancer.

The results, published in the journal Oncogene in 208, reveal that THC can prevent the spread of certain types of lung cancer. Even so, these results are still found by researchers after doing research on animals. Still not known the real application in humans. But researchers believe that the same effect can be proven in humans.

5.    Prostate cancer

Cannabis is also thought to be a cure for prostate cancer. A study shows the ability of anandamide (ANA) in marijuana that can prevent the growth of prostate cancer. In addition, ANA is also a cannabinoid receptor.

The results of this study make researchers increasingly convinced that marijuana has substances that can be used in cancer treatment. Still, more research on cannabis can be used to prevent the spread and kill prostate cancer cells.

6.    Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is called the most deadly type of cancer in men. This type of cancer can spread very quickly and often unknown to its existence. In addition, very few effective treatments can be used in prostate cancer. Even so, an article gives new hope to the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

An international study found the effects of cannabinoids present in cannabis against pancreatic cancer. They found that cannabinoids can reduce the size of pancreatic tumors. This study did not show directly that marijuana can be used to cure pancreatic cancer, but researchers believe that in marijuana there are substances that can be used for the treatment of pancreatic cancer is more effective.

That’s some kind of disease that is presently believed to be treated using a substance in cannabis. Do not rush antipathy against marijuana, because the substance in it was also able to provide health benefits. Researchers have also found a way to pick up beneficial substances in it and eliminate the adverse effects possessed by cannabis plants.